Living in Colors.
Isabel Désy is Stella and Vice-Versa.
Everything led to creation and color for her. From her childhood universe in the 70’s filled with her mother’s multicolor jewelry, to prints leaning more towards pop than nature.  For her, everything that surrounds her is a source of inspiration, and she easily grasps trends and moods.
All of which feed her imagination, sharpen her view, and sensitize her to different materials.

After studying visual presentation design, she joins the fashion world and works for 5 years as an assistant designer for the ecological clothing creator Usine Calico. She then pursues multimedia and spends 2 years working for My Virtual Model.

Meanwhile, she launches Stella. Given the immediate enthusiasm, she surrounds herself quickly with a team she befriends.

Isabel Désy sees her jewelry as encounters. For whom, for which occasion, where, how and with what? She likes to imagine them once they come out of her workshop. As such, she is always present during trade shows and events to meet, exchange and see her clients.

In 2013, winds of change. Isabel chooses to rethink her company. Logo, site, studio, new online store. She wants to work differently, so she gives herself more flexibility and time to create her new, yet still very Stella, collections.

Happy Jewelry
Isabel Désy launches Stella in 1999 and devotes herself to it completely in 2002. She creates a necklace which will be sold in stores for the Cirque du Soleil tour of Verakai. During this time, she receives a SAJE grant, participates in two Salon des Métiers d’art of Montreal and has been to The One of a Kind Show in Toronto since 2004. Stella is starting to shine in Québec and Ontario.

Color constellation
From seasons to collections, Stella Jewelry is inspired by everything that makes life beautiful: deco, fashion, artistic currents, music… And it sets the tone!

For clients and connoisseurs, Stella is about color and quality first and foremost. These glass beads and semi-precious stones that unveil themselves, collide, complement and happily juxtapose pewter, wood, stainless steel and all kinds of material that attract her attention.

Stella signed pieces can be worn everyday, for work, to go out, or just for the fun of it. Many women see themselves in these sought after pieces of jewelry. Whether they be 20 or 50 years old, they love the style and the energy.

This shows Isabel Désy knows her stores and her clients. They remain loyal and spread the Stella work around them.

Stella’s jewelry are made by hand with rigor and precision in our workshop in Montreal. Also, the team that surrounds Stella is also well rooted here : principal assistant, assembly and manufacturing collaborators, graphic designer, photographer, editors, suppliers and so many others (the list is long). Stella takes advantage of this opportunity to thank them all.

Nickel and Led-free Pewter – Created exclusively by and for Stella Jewelry
Semi-Precious Stones
Beads and Glass Beads
Stainless Steel Chains
Rings and other Stainless Steel and Rhodium Copper Plated Accessories
Hypoallergenic earring wires and studs

Pewter does not tarnish, but it can sometimes react to the pH of the skin. If it loses its shine, simply clean with a dry soft cloth made for silver to get its shine back.

It is advisable not to put away your jewelry in a sun-exposed area for some stones and other parts may become discolored over time.

Each piece of jewelry is designed and created in our studio in Montreal. They are made by hand with the utmost care.

They are guaranteed for 1 year. If a piece has a manufacturing defect, we will repair it free of charge, please contact us by phone or email before you send it back. If you lost an earring, we can make you a new one.

* For the 1 year warranty and workmanship, proof of purchase is required. Stella is not liable for the wear and tear of a jewel or for the loss of color due to skin pH changes.